About us

Ingenious is a design agency that helps companies like Shell, Scotiabank, and Microsoft to design and create digital and physical products that lead people to take action.

We combine behavioral science and design thinking to create products that help people accomplish their intrinsic goals on life.

Our Values

At Ingenious we have a set of core values that rule our whole organization, we hope you find them close to your own values and beliefs.

  • Be transparent
  • Live up to promises
  • Take ownership
  • Quality and challenging work environment
  • Be explorers, thrive to discovery

About the positions

We are building modern applications for challenging industry segments like healthcare and government where most of the software sucks.

The work we do impacts on the lives of thousands and for that reason we want to work with people who care.

Open Positions


We are the only agency specialized in applying behavioral psychology and technology as a turnkey solution to create products that empower people and organizations to reach their goals.